Saturday, 2 February 2013

My Weekly Crush ;)

Hiya People,
I got this bag on my recent Shopping spree and this is my crush for the week ;)

It's a dull shade of Aquamarine colour with stripes of bright orange. The overall combination is very unique and due to the vibrant orange and very minimal design on the bag I found it to be quite eye-catchy yet elegant.

It has a cute n oval gold latch

The flap is orange from inside and has 4 compartments inside.With a broad base the bag is big enuff to accommodate my entire makeup kit, wallet, glares, a snack box, my energy bars n a small bottle of water as well ;)... I can vaguely recollected a line written by Chetan Bhagat .."A women's bag has contents that can last through a trip to the Antarctic!"....or sumthing like that...:P

Came with a lovely white belt but I prefer to flaunt it by dangling it on my arms or hold it in my hands rather than sling it on my shoulder ;) women I tell u :) :P

Love it to bits umaaaahhhh!!! What!!!! it's my crush for the week after all ;) gudnite n sweet drmzzzzz...

Your Crazyyyy
Priya :)

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