Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Pune Malls- Part I

Hiya Friends,
Firstly wish you all a Very Happy New Year!The past year has been gr8 n I've shopped like a maniac the whole year round. There are numerous shopping places in Pune but today wanna share my views as a shopaholic bout malls in Pune. Before the onset lemme tell you am not a brand freak 'et all, yes while shopping for makeup n skincare products I give preference to branded stuff since they have a direct impact on my skin but when it comes to clothes for me the deciding factors are fitting, material, colours, style, stitching, brand and price not necessarily in that order. And when it comes to bags, clutches and accessories, am not the one to fall for brands coz I prefer to have a variety of 'em rather than use one battered old sturdy bag that's so loyal it's hard to get rid of it without feeling guilty :P ... also now days one can see a mind boggling array of these things at affordable prices that makes a shopaholic like me go bonkers :)...niways will be sharing my haul or rather hauls wid u but today just wanna share my views on Pune malls

  • Central Mall ( Opp Esquare multiplex)

Personally I feel central mall model is the best model of mall since it's compact n very simple, am talking bout mall design here.With so many malls opening up in a small radius it becomes a task for survival and a model like Central is an optimized size The elevators are easy to locate n go till the lower parking, the escalators are located one above the other thereby making it easy to to the next floor again that's my opinion.

What I like as a shopper
Very simple and convenient segregation of Foodcourt ( veg n non-veg cusine) supermarket, mens formal n casual clothing section, a good collection of womens casual, formal, ethnic, trendy fashion, accessories  bags, heels etc, cosmetics from 8 renowned brands, gold jewellery, perfumes n top end fashion accessories, perfumes, watches etc. The attraction is the wi-fi zone that always seems to be crowded.

I had been to this mall wid my 96 yr old grandpa n he was njoying the visit, if you wanna spend a whole day wid family this is "NOT" the place but for those who wanna make a quick purchase or grab a bite, pick a gift n get out this is the perfect place. The parking  for a 2 wheeler is in front of the mall gate so one can go in and be out in a jiffy, at times when I'm already running late for a party n wanna pick a gift this is my first choice.

Parking Ticked can be redeemed when you do a purchase, 2 wheeler Rs.10/-, 4wheeler Rs.40/-
There is a good frequency of public transport.

What I don't like as a shopper:
As a shopper n one whoz crazy bout cosmetics I always find products outta stock or unavailable at all the cosmetic counters except L'Oreal  New launches never seem to reach Central counters until they're no more new to the Indian market.

Most SA's are very very lazy to cater to your needs while few are totally unaware of their own product, the washrooms are not maintained, the supermarket is not stacked with all essential everyday items. The foodcourt is ok ok with limited choices to pick from n the Georgia coffee is a total disaster here...if u're a tea or coffee addict like me then u're in for a disappointment.

Overall rating: 6/10

  • SGS Mall, Camp

Simple with two main anchors, Landmark and Westside. Ample parking space on the crowded street, just one floor with a foodcourt in the middle giving visibility to all the stores. It has become a hangout place for the youths as well as family due to this design n also the variety of offerings at the foodcourt. With fastfood brands like Pizzahut n MacD n gaming zone it is quite popular among kids too.

What I like as a shopper
Westside has all the cosmetic brands and one can get most of the new launches from brands like Maybelling, Revlon, Lakme etc here.Wide variety of kurtas for daily wear at reasonable prices. I find most variety of outfits at this particular Westside store.
Landmark is a world in itself n for readers like me b ready to get lost in books on every topic... I can spend my whole day here, u also get other stuff at landmark like wallets, bags, music cd's etc.Nice food court.
Galore of shoes in Mochi, top end brands too are available here.Nescafe n hot soups available at Nescafe counter :)

There is a good frequency of public transport.

What I don't like as a shopper:
Not much to explore, yes one can hangout at the food court but other than that nothing much to see.
Limited brands n shopping options.
Ok ok washrooms, not very hygienic.

Other than that I feel it's a place buzzing wid activity so once you enter u'll see a crowd at all times just chilling out  am not sure if the mall is making that much business though.

Overall rating: 5/10

I still have many malls to cover which I shall do shortly, right now gotta go wid a friend so I'll take ur leave, have a nice eve n also do lemme know ur views bout Pune malls :) will publish 'em wid ur names in my next mall blog :)


Priya :D

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