Thursday, 3 January 2013

Just Bags- Part I

Hello Friends,
As you already know I’ve shopped like a maniac last year n on the onset of this new year as I was digging through my huge pile of bags I realized I had close to 100 of em, so felt like sharing my bag collection wid you but since didnt want you all to feel u’re walking into an online shopping portal I decided to pic a handful of ‘em that I use more often than the others and also have made a conscious effort to not repeat any particular style of bags… also every bag has a memory wid it, it’s hard but still since I’m nick named as a Super Computer for remembering the most insignificant of moments I wish to share the special memories attached wid every bag….hope you njoy reading it J

This is a bag I simply love, it’s the one I think of first when I wanna go to an important meeting or a business call n am wearing a blazer or a crisp formal shirt wid trousers n boots, but well that’s not the memory I have wid this bag, since you already know I was restraining myself from splurging, me n my younger sis were having a girls day out n we or rather I had already shopped so much that I was left widout a penny in my wallet and then I happened to enter a store n spot the most drop dead gorgeous bag, my sis is the adult when we shop so she looked at me n gave a stern nod although it was a rare occasion when she agreed it was a lovely bag… the sad part is she restrained me from swapping my card n we came home n I was haunted by the image of that bag for a week, finally I could not take it anymore and went to that shop for that bag n man was so damn disappointed to know it was sold out! WHAT! I was almost into tears n from those teary eyes I scowled at my sis for not letting me buy that beauty, that was when she went through the entire store to get me a bag that was better than that bag and to every bag she showed me she got a stern nod n a quiver of my lower lip indicating that I was getting frustrated by the moment and she was moments away from seeing me burst into a flood of tears….what! don’t gimme that look fellas, I had really liked that bag (sad Puppy face L) finally she showed me this n like a infant I waned to see it (damn it looked so good)…hmmm….not so bad….mmmmm…..oh who am I kidding, I loved it! If you men r reading this you know it’s so simple to make a woman happy you know, just buy her a lovely gift everyday! :P ok ok kidding….so to sum it up I got this bag n finally I was able to rest the gost of that 1st bag to rest n since the arrival of this bag in my life I’ve never been haunted again by it ;)

Lovely isn't she :)

Well yes I did kinda look like this after I became the proud owner of the above beauty :)

Ahemmmm okkk so moving on... this is a really huge bag, the memory I have of this pretty is I was out shopping in Mumbai wid my equally shopaholic Aunts n Mum ( They blame me for being a shopping freak, when will they accept it's genetic :P ) moving on....I had promised that I will not be buying any more stuff since I had already gone overboard with my monthly shopping so I decided I will just tag along n do some window shopping, little did I know I'll end up shopping outta the window... I was passing a store and my feet froze, ouch!!! I pinched myself, this is such a pretty colour, it's a lovely peachy pink, a very rare colour and very simple yet elegant....oh my netbook will fit perfectly in this, my wallet n my tiny makeup bag...hmmmmm I walked in n checked it out n was quite happy coz this bag was large enough to accomodate my fullscape and my diary...I was bout to announce "I'll take it!" when I saw 1 angry and 2 amused faces staring at me from outside the store, well obviously the angry face was my Mum's :P I gave the mosttttt sweet and girlie smile when they entered the store n looked wid those pleading eyes at my aunts and said can I make just one exception for today???? My aunts are angels really they never say NO to me but my mom ohhhh my, if looks could kill I'd be dead ages ago actually :P coz that's the look I always get from my Mom when I shop, well what can I say I've adapted well to that angry stare and since everyone was guilty coz of their bulky haul I was thrilled as I was granted permission to buy this bag :).... we moved on... One of my aunts got hungrier by the minute and she n my mom finally gave up the shopping idea n went hunting to get something to eat... I was left widout a leash.... just imagine! ha ha my other aunt went into a nice AC shop and sat down wid a nice chilled fruit juice while she asked me to look around on my own ..."Big Mistake!"..I went two shops ahead n spotted a lovely warm top that matched perfectly wid my new bag :P ... crossing two more shops I spotted a hairclip of the same colour, that too was tossed into the new n thankfully huge bag :D he he... few more shops n I spotted a wallet of the same colour, wow just perfect!, that too was tossed into my bag.... my stride came to an abrupt halt when I spotted white flats wid flowers on 'em of the same colour as my bag, by now it's not rocket science to guess where those flattering flats went, sahi jawab! into my Bag ;)....I ended up buying a bracelet to match, a lipstick to go wid it and earrings to flaunt.... a hot cup of popcorn chicken from KFC being thrust in my hands announced the arrival of my aunts n mom who were so pleased to see me behave like a good girl widout any shopping bags other than my newly brought bag dangling on my shoulder, lil did they know everything was piled into this very bag :P he he wicked grin.... we shopped all day from santacrusg-to malad at various places and since we had so many tiny bags 2-3 of 'em were tossed into my new big bag or rather huge bag....on returning home we all sat down in my aunts living room discussing the days happenings after dinner.... u know women, we just need a reason to chatter now the moment of aunt casually just took that bag to show mom what she had purchased and since she couldnt find her plastic bag that was inside my bag she just emptied all the contents of my precious bag on the rug n wooossshhhh! out fell all my peachy pink things, imagine my horror, while my aunts burst out into a hearty laugh n each gave me a peck on my cheek as they saw how cutely I had collected all the peachy-pink stuff my mom on the other hand to my delight gave me a nod saying "Kai karu mi haya mulicha" meaning what do I do wid this girl :P the reason behind this narrow escape wid mom was she was holding her beautiful new Saree from Nalli in her hand :P WOMEN!...:)

It's past 2.30 in the night an I have been feeling so hungry that have chowed down 2 big bars of perk chocolate, there are many more such moments I wana share wid you all but for now I will reluctantly get into my bed, have to play a badminton match wid mom tomorrow at 6.30 am, the winner gets a treat of tandoori malai kabab and a tiny makeup haul, I can't afford to loose, just saw a fab lippy today besides the thought of those sinfully delicious kababs are enuff to charge me up... off to bed....wish me luck, gudnite ;)

Priya :D

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