Saturday, 19 January 2013

Dove Hair Elixir

Hello People,
How r u fellas doing?? Am fine and had a fab day started on a lovely note since I had a very heavy breakfast today :) Workout + piping hot breakfast n tea =  a very very happy me :) n shopping ofcourse he a quick review of the much talked bout Dove Hair Elixir.

The product is available in 3 variants

Almond Oil+ Rose

Claims to reduce Hairfall and Protect it from further damage. 

Olive Oil + Lavender

Claims to Nourish & Protect Dry Hair

Argan Oil+ Hibiscus

Claims to retain Moisture & Impart a Healthy Shine

Coming to my view bout this product, I;m not an oil person n for months I don't oil my hair, what!!!! I know most of you must be awestruck to here this but honestly fellas I don't like to oil my hair since it leave my hair all oily n sticky even after shampooing. In Elixir's case curiosity took over and I did the splurge, I picked the Olive Oil + Lavender concoction.

Since winter had set in and climate being dry I decided to nourish my hair as the product claims to do so. I picked up this product since it claims that one need not apply it overnight, just a 30 min application prior to wash should do and also this can be used after a hair-wash  I simply loved the packaging of this product. It comes in glass bottle with a pump dispenser. The bottle is quite cute, handy and has a beautiful lavender flower in it. I also loved the fragrance of this elixir.

Being glass it's not a travel friendly packaging  but the overall packaging is too cute to resist :)

The name 'Elixir' is apt for this product since it's neither sticky or ikky like oil neither is it a quick absorb formulation like a hair serum. I personally feel it's a nice product and it's better than hair oil in terms of application n consistency I cannot comment on it's advantages or long term benefits but the initial claim of beating dryness in the case of Olive Oil + Lavender, it did live upto this claim.

This I feel is a good product for the men who generally oil their hair after wash, those who drive a two-wheeler always have a problem that if they oil hair it attracts dust n pollution n if you don't the joy ride leaves the hair dry and frizzed, this is a good product for 'em,  you can substitute your hair gels with this n since it is oil it will be beneficial as well, just a suggestion people.

My take, priced at Rs.185/- for 90ml is a decent price, you should try it once atleast. I am happy without the oil though ;)

Do share your views bout this product, TC and have a gudnite :) c ya.

Lotsa Love
Priya :)

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