Wednesday, 5 December 2012

MAC Technakohl Eyeliner Kajal in Graphite Black

Hiya Folks,
I've been in search of a smudge proof liner/ kohl n was hunting for one in Cinique, the reason being I was troubled by an eye infection a few weeks n so waned a product that would not irritate my eyes in any way.
Also since I use powered contacts I have watery eyes, even a tiny particle of dust or kohl causes me grief.

My other criteria in the purchase list was that I waned a pencil liner/ kohl n not a gel one, I was thus unable to get one in Clinique that was smudge proof so I took a quick peek in MAC store that was right next door, also how can one walk past a MAC store n not go in :P... ahem so trying to tone down the stupid grin that had litup my face I walked in MAC, like always was given a fab service n the SA asked me try their smudge proof liner in Graphite Black, the only prob was I needed a Jet Black colour but on swatching it, it was simply fab n did not budge from my hand even after a rigorous rub, that's it, I was sold.

Comes off with a makeup remover without annoying me n priced at Rs.1100/-  is great buy, yes few of you mite find this a lil expensive but after the eye infection I don't wanna take any chances when it comes to the health of my eyes, arre bhai it's MAC, naam hi kafi hai :)

It comes in a retractable casing so that's one less headache of sharpening it and smudging your expensive bag with that unwanted sharpener ;)

I love the texture n staying power, has not smudged on my eyes even after 4 hours in afternoon heat and pollution n watery eyes syndrome :P 

That's the happy me wid my MAC Liner in Graphite Black :)

Lemme know your fav liners/ kohl, have a fab day!

Love Always
Priya :)


  1. Looks very pretty on've lined your eyes beautifully!

  2. Thanx Parita, glad u liked it :)


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