Sunday, 25 November 2012

Storing Your Products

Hiya Friends,
This is quicky, I happened to visit a friend yesterday. She showed me her latest haul to take my suggestions on the same n while she was picking up products kept on he dresser and bathroom it hit upon me the way they were stored. Her dresser was being hit by direct sunlight where her foundation, moisturizer, sunscreen, nightcream and 2 lippies n gloss were kept. This is a complete NO NO! Plz make sure that all ur products are stored away from sunlight at all times, as the day advances the direction of sun changes so make sure if your dresser is located in the path of sunrays DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT keep your products there. The heat causes the chemicals in the products to react that can have damaging effects on your skin.

Also do not store products in bathroom since it's humid in there due to the heat and moisture. There is reason why all ur cosmetic products say "Store in a cool n dry place" :).....

If your product have passed the expiry date, DO NOT use them even if they look ok, just dispose them. Yes, this goes for your most expensive products that you've carefully stored away to be used some day....sometime....throw it!. :) and lastly don't hate me for making you throw away your precious stuff, nothing is more valuable than your natural beauty, don't compromise with it in any way :)

Have Fab Day, Stay Healthy.

Love Always't 
Priya :)

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