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Cleansing, the most important step in skincare

Hiya Fellas,
I wokeup wid a jolt today coz I did the most terrible mistake, I was dead tired n a bit unwell yesterday night n thought of grabbing a 10 min nap n that's when disaster struck, I dozed off till 5 in the morning wid my makeup on! Can u believe that, for those who love makeup must have flinched coz they know it's a ground rule to remove all traces of makeup before going to bed so ur skin can breathe. I feel awful since my under-eye area was very dry in the morning while rest of the face was oily. I could also see the open pores after cleansing, further adding to my misery :(

Niways the reason to write this post is for all those who at times give in to the temptation to hit the pillow/ couch before cleansing your skin. STOP! let this word scream in ur head before you do the act :) i mean it lovelies.

Cleansing is a process to wipe away dirt, dust, grime, oil and makeup with a good cleanser. Cleansers are of various types, the ones used to simply deep clean your face have different formulation when compared to ones used to remove makeup. I have been asked time and again to share my beauty regime and today will be sharing my cleansing regime wid you.

Makeup removers used to remove eye makeup, especially waterproof and long stay makeup have to be efficient yet gentle since skin around the eyes is very sensitive and any damage can result in dryness, crows feet and sagging of skin around the eyes. I have a combination skin that's highly sensitive and so prefer very gently makeup removers. I use OmVed's Moisturizing Face Cleanse along wid face wipes, Johnson baby or Kara, kara being a lil harsh n stingy for me.
Mrp Rs.640/- for 200ml

At times when skin feels lil more oily than usual I use Body Shop Camomile Gentle Eye Makeup Remover.

Mrp 515/- for 250ml

 Scrubbing/ exfoliation also is a part of your cleansing regime. Exfoliation washes away dead cells and increases the blood circulation of the skin. The are many scrubs available in the market, I personally will not recommend you to use walnut scrub since the particles are very rough and while scrubbing mite scar or damage your skin.

Do not expect any scrubs or pore minimisers to wipe away your blackheads or whiteheads formed over time in one or two washes. It takes time buddy, so be patient. A gentle scrub dose not mean it’s less effective, having a red skin after scrubbing dose not men your scrub is working, it simply means your damaging your skin further. Pick a gentle scrub that suits your skin type. I use Body Shop Tea Tree Blackhead Exfoliating Wash.

Mrp Rs.620 for 100ml 

Eyes are the most precious jewels and also the most important tool in non-verbal communication. Many romantic compositions are written keeping 'em in mind n in the world of makeup, well we all know how important is eye makeup. We spend thousands to get that mesmerizing look but having said that the most important part of a cleansing regime is cleaning the eyes. The skin around the eyes is very delicate and requires delicate cleansing, eye care dose not end with just removing traces of ur eye makeup, here's what I do...
Wash your eye area with a antiseptic soap, it  will remove any bacterial infection that will be present dude to dirt and pollution and excessive use of various cosmetics multiple times like brushes, concealers, shadows,  liners, mascaras, false lashes etc. I use Life Buoy Clini Care Soap.

Mrp Rs.27/- for 75gms

Pollution causes clogging of poores in your lashes that secrete natural oil that lubricates your eyes, it can further lead to eye eye infections.After makeup removal I wash my eyes wid a saline wash and eye glass, then I dab an earbud near my lower and upper lashe openings and wipe away ni last traces of makeup or oil from my eyes. I then put eye drops.

Mrp 20-25/- Rs.

Cleansing for me in just not an external process so everyday I take one of the two concoctions known as Kadha, something that am sure u all can relate to, yups that's the same thing that our moms or grand-moms use to make for us when we'd catch cold as kids :)

I take Mahamanjistadhi Kadha for health of my Skin, Priced at Rs.94 for 475ml.

Also I take Gokhru Kadha for cleansing and prevention of any urinary infection. Priced at Rs.100 for 475ml.

Apart from that I believe in workouts so even  if I don't get time to do any serious exercise I make it a point to atleast do any activity for minimum 15mins in a day that will accelerate my heart rate, it can be washing my car, dancing to a bollywood track, wiping my entire house or just jumping up n down :P yups no kidding I do that too :)

Hope this article was helpful, if you need further info bout any of the products mentioned above kindly email me or leave a comment.

Have a fab day, stay healthy n positive.

Love Always
Priya :)

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