Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Chinique Moisture Surge

Hiya Friends,
Winter is here, I love winters since I can get out those sexy overcoats n jackets, smart polo necks n lotsa other colourful woolens :D but it also gets along dry skin, chapped lips n cracked heels. With the change in climate my skin was behaving in a very funny manner n was getting quite itchy and dry in patches on my combination skin. Now the worst part of having a combination plus sensitive skin is I can't use the same product all over my face, my tzone turns oily if I use a heavy moisturizer while the rest of my skin turns dry n itchy if I use a lighter one :P This is not a major prob in other seasons but in winters, especially winters in Pune, they're a lil extreme n am n outdoor kinda gal. I was going through some products in Clinique store n was introduced to this product by Jonny, a very helpful SA in clinique store. Chinique Moisture Surge, the name itself made me wanna check out product, the price was a lil steep for over 2200 Rs. so I decided to take a wise call. I swatched it on my hand and went around hopping n shopping in the mall for over n hour, on touch my skin felt a lil hydrated so decided to take the plunge.

Like the packaging  nice n sleek, comes in a jar. It's a very light, non-oily pinkish gel with a lovely smooth texture. As recommended by Jonny, I stored this jar in the fridge and after a tiring day used it as a night cream before going to bed all over my face. The instant it touched my skin I felt a boost of freshness n it felt really good on the skin, the way ur skin feels after a burn when u run it under cool water.....that's exactly how it felt.

The next day I woke up n rushed to the mirror but was truly disappointed coz my skin looked dry, I felt like a fool to have spend that amount regardless I continued to use it for next 3 days n didn't bother to notice the difference. After a week my best friend while I was arguing juts happened to pull my cheek n was like " Wow! ur skin is sooo soft, what have you been using?" that's when it hit upon me that Chinique Moisture Surge had actually worked Hurrayyyyyy!!!!!!!!

I went to bed that night n next day I did feel the difference :) I've been using it over a month now and the picks are taken today, even after using it for that long I still have more than half the quantity of product left.

Will I recommend this, a definite YES! I know it is a lil pricey but it is really an entire beauty treatment in one single jar. Did not cause any breakouts on my super sensitive skin and best part, it is fragrance free.

It can be used over n under makeup (I've never used it over makeup though) or as a mask when you need to quickly hydrate your skin before an event. This is a gem of a product, do ask for a lil sample of this product in your Clinique store and only if u're satisfied go ahead n splurge. Also do not expect to see results overnight it will take a few days till u can't stop touching your skin like Me :D

Lemme know bout your own hydra treatment this winter.

Lodes of Love
Priya :)

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