Thursday, 29 November 2012

Cake n Bakery fest at World Trade Centre, Cuff Parade,Mumbai

Hiya Friends,
Am in Mumbai at the moment for an annual Cake and Bake fest in WTC, Mumbai from 28th -30th Nov '12.  This exhibition is mainly for industrial bakers and includes a variety of industrial raw material, manufacturing equipment's and packaging machines. I also happened to witness the chocolate competition yesterday which I cam  sum up as simply phenomenal.Pardon me coz of the low resolution images since they are taken from a cellphone. 

It was an absolute stunning work of art made of out chocolate....chocolate n more chocolate....white, dark, milk....all of it :)

An array of mouthwatering cakes displayed, Me n my aunt love to bake n absolute-flipping-loutely love to eat cakes, we kept oohhhhhinh n aaaahhiiing like kids at every stall displayed n use to keep sking...."Is This For Sale???" at ever stall n use to make a disappointed face when they'd answer "NO!" :(  Just imagine with all the super tempting edible stuff on display n u can't eat ni one ..... phewwwwww how frustrating is that....I just waned to grab a bite of that sinful chocolate mud pie...ummmmm ahem ahem.... finally after salivating for 2 hrs the only thing I got was a hot coffee n a grilled sandwitch :P

Although there were a few things for sale like bakery pans, knives, spatulas, molds etc n I've brought quite a few things :D can't wait to get back home in Pune n Bake :)


For those who can make it today, don't miss the opportunity to witness this fab display of tempting teats, also if you're in this industry of simply a home baker u'll get lotsa usefull contacts of various suppliers n manufacturers of baking materials, trays, cake n chocolate decoration, packaging boxes n the likes.

It is open till 7 pm, ample parking space available :) gud enuff reason for you to go Mumbaikars :) rush!

Have a Sweet Day.

Love Always
Priya :D


  1. hey Priya...didnt know you were from Pune? I too am from Pune and missed this one last yr n this yr too since i m out of country rite now :( good to know u too love baking coz I too love it :)

  2. Hiya Prita, yes indeed I love to bake, sorry u missed the fest, no worries, u can go next year,good to know u love to bake, we can share tips n tricks now :)


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