Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Pupa Milano I’m Lipstick Pure Colour Absolute Shine in 107

Hiya people,
Wish you all had an awesome start to the new year :) A quick review bout a totally new brand I tried out on my recent visit to Itay. It's the Brand Pupa which is an Italian brand. I bought this lipstick out of need rather than greed :P yes I'll admit I hoard a lot of makeup purely for reviewing it. So coming back to the story behind the splurge, I had purchased 5 new lipsticks before I left for my trip only to realise I had left them on my makeup cabinet :(  upset as I was I marched into the the first store that I came across and that store was Pupa :D
I had never tried this brand before so restricted myself and walked out the store only with this one lipstick and to this day I regret not buying few more of these..phewwww

Pardon me if the pics are a lil blur, clicked em' on my cellphone.

Pupa I’m Lipstick Pure Colour Absolute Shine in 107

What I love the most other than the colour of this lipstick is the packaging. it comes in a sturdy silver bullet that clamp shuts with a click making it travel friendly :) The colour is my all time favourite, a lovely pinkish brown, lil on the brighter side but will suit most skin tones. 

It has a semi-matte finish and stays on my lips for 3 hrs. A pretty everyday wear shade and I purchased it for around 19 Euros I guess. The con being availability in India, if you happen to spot this be sure to pick it up, worth the outlay.

And before I say bye a home made sweet treat for ya all..garma garam gulabjamuns to wish you all A Happy New Year ;) n while I enjoy them you go watch the movie AirLift in theaters if you have missed it, awesome movie that will leave you feeling a little more proud of being an INDIAN :D Have a fab day!

Priya :)

Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Physicians Formula Happy Booster Blush

Hiya Fellas
Hope all well at ur end, am fine and smiling ear to ear as am writing this post coz that's what this product dose to ya :D, it makes you happy :) he he!!
Am sure if you have seen the pics already of this super cute product you must have blurted 'chooooooo chweeeeet!' ..that was my exact reaction when I saw this cutie. The lil pink and peach colored hearts just are too hard to resist and you like it..hate it but you surely cannot ignore this blush. The packaging as you can see is super cute. This blush is from Physcians Formula Happy Boster range, they also have powder and bronzer in this cute lil range.

Physicians Formula Happy Booster Blush in Natural

Am not sure of the above claims but one look of this blush is enough to make you happy. I could see tiny specks of shimmer but they don't show up on my cheeks, instead the blush imparts a very healthy glow and extremely natural looking rosy flush to my cheeks. Texture is soft and everyday wearable shade. 

It comes in a metallic pink coloured pan with a cute but useless dual coloured brush and a mirror at the bottom

Without a setting spray it stays for over 5hrs on my super oily skin. It has a very mild and pleasant scent which fades on application. It's paraben free and has not caused any kinda irritation on my sensitive skin. Not a must have product but I do not regret buying it . priced at $11.95 for 7g is worth the outlay. 

Taking inspiration from this cute product baked some blueberry filled Happy Booster Cupcakes :D

Lemme know if you have tried products from this range and your views bout the same.

Lotsa Love
Priya :)

Thursday, 10 December 2015

MAC Electric Cool Eyeshadow in shade Dynamo

Hiya Friends,
Hope all going well at ur end, am fine n as always super excited to share my experiences bout makeup and skincare products with ya all. I walked into a MAC store to just pick my regular studio fix powder and informed the SA what I waned. She quickly gave me what I wanted and asked if there was anything else she could help me with...honestly I was taken aback by the polite and earnest way she asked me, I am not use to such treatment from MAC. I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one who has met rude SA's at MAC and no matter what shade you are they give you an NC42 :P Last time I visited and asked a MAC SA for a particular shade and she asked's for you?? u need an NC42 anything else will look grey ( I'm pretty sure this is a statement they r trained to tell every customer ) I kinda loose my cool when I get an unwanted advice and that too a wrong one coz I'm NC30 and when am tanned NC35 works for me.I have visited MAC stores in Pune, Mumbai, Banglore, Rome, Paris, Milan, Zurich n everywhere it's the same pattern, gr8 products but a very rude and unpleasant staff. My close friend just happened to buy lodes of MAC stuff a week back and the SA like always gave her stuff in NC42, I met her and guess what, her shade is NC35. If I can see this why can't they...crazyyy lot. Niways so speaking bout the SA... correction the polite SA, after a long time I felt like browsing through other products and she was sooooo sweet, she went around showing me stuff bronzer, blushes, eyeshadows n that's when I saw this baby. I was intrigued by the formula, cream to powder so took a closer look n was about to turn away looking at the pop of colours when the SA...polite and observant SA :P said, it's not that bright when you apply it, she picked up the shade on which my eyes had lingered longer and encouraged me to swatch the bright colour. The moment my fingers touched it I was likeWOW it's like butter. I was sold by the texture of this product and then came the better part, it was a beautiful colour... wearable, buildable, smooth and longstay :)

MAC Electric Cool Eyeshadow in shade Dynamo 

It's a beautiful peachy pink with no glitter just a satin finish, applies beautifully with my Makeup Forever eyeshadow brush, 6N

I've used it without any eye primer or base and it has stayed for over 8 hours on my oily lids,so for me it's worth the outlay of Rs.1700/- for 2.1g of this lovely product. 

Will I repurchase, yes if I finish this pot in this lifetime :D it's a must have shade for sure. 

Priya :D

P.S. The helpful SA at MAC was Priyanka :D not kidding, if you do visit Pune MAC ask for her to help you with your wishlist ;)

Monday, 4 August 2014

The Body Shop Colour Crush Lipstick in shade 13

A Quick review bout a quick buy :) I was waiting on Geneva station and was bout to board a train to  Paris. I was feeling low since due to delay in checking out from my hotel I had missed our train by 2 mins that had cost us another 300 Franks ( Rs.21000 approx)  my hubby was quieter than usual seeing me upset due to my stupidity. A normal girl would sit down glued to the seat and vouch not to shop at least for the next 24 hrs but nutcase that I am I went around trying to cheer myself n picked up this lippy n few more things from Body Shop store on the station... I had to run again to the platform n saw the panic stricken face of my hubby...he was wondering I was bout to miss the train AGAIN! :) I clicked these pics in the train n also ended up giggling. Phewwwww my hubby too was smiling looking at me n blurted out " You really are crazy bout makeup hun" :P rather than sulk over what's been lost it's better to enjoy what one has, hai na :P n what I had at that moment was a super cute lipstick from Body Shop :D smiling ear to ear.

Body Shop Colour Crush lipstick in shade 13, it's a pretty pink shade in the tube but looks peachy pink on application....the shade looks peachy brown in the pick below buts its a refreshing berry pink with visible shimmer. The packaging is sturdy n travel friendly, comes in a silver casing with a pink logo of The Body Shop.

It imparts a lovely natural looking rosy tint to my lips but the glitter is a turn off for me. Gives medium coverage n has a very poor lasting power of 1 hr on my lips. Feels quite hydrating on the lips and dose not require gloss. I got this for Rs.1800/- approx, it's not a must have shade but very cute shade when you wanna walk out looking very natural n girly.

And this is how it looks on me 

Priya :)

Saturday, 21 June 2014

Sephora Cream Lipstick, Sexy Game

Hiya friends,
A quick review bout a beautiful lipstick from Sephora, Sexy Game. True to it's name it indeed is an enticing shade. A highly pigmented pink with a hint of brown, a shade that will suit almost every skin tone. 

Glides beautifully on the lips and has an awesome staying power of 6hrs before it fades leaving behind a rosy tint on the lips. Comes in a sturdy black bullet that is travel friendly and classy. The transparent bottom of bullet makes it easier to locate this pink beauty. 

Priced at a little over 10 Euros, Rs.850 approx is an excellent buy, the con being availability. The shade is an exact dupe of MAC Craving but with more pigment and staying power where as MAC craving is more creamier in texture.

My verdict, a must have shade in your kitty :)

Priya :)

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

L'OREAL Studio Secrets Universal Lip Glow

Hiya Folks,
Today will be reviewing a very cute product that am sure none of you gals will be able to resist. The moment I spotted this I couldn't help smiling. It looked like the plastic pink glirlie lipsticks that we gals had in our dolls makeup kit as kids :) I kept swatching it to believe that it's real.

It comes in classy black n pink Loreal bullet but when you look at the actual product it resembles strawberry jelly, a very tempting pink colour. Available in a single colour which changes to various shades of pink depending on the wearer. On me this colour turned to a very very mild pink that resembles any regular pink tinted lip balm so was not too happy bout the colour but the product in itself is quite hydrating if worn before applying your lipstick.

It's not 'et all glossy or shiny but works wonderfully for me since I have dry lips and they feel moisturized but not sticky like a gloss.The cons being availability in India and it's staying power which is 2hrs max.

Considering that it's priced at 21.90 Euros which is approximately  Rs.1750/- is not a must have product but the sheer cuteness of this product made me splurge. My take is you can skip buying this if you r immune to the girlie cuteness of this product ;)

Priya :)

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Maybelline Fit Me Pressed Powder

Hiya Friends,
A quick review bout the much talked bout Maybelline Fit Me Pressed Powder the shade like its name fits me perfectly is 250, Sun Beige. As you can see I've already used this product couple of times and am loving it so far. It evens out my oily combination skin by absorbing excessive oil. The only con I see other than it's avalibility in India is the staying power which is 3-4hrs on a humid day and 6 hrs or more if I use a good primer. The powder is very fine so spreads evenly and dose not look cakey.

The colour is an exact match so even if I layer it, it gives a natural looking finish which is a big relief. It comes equiped with a mirror and sponge. The packaging is sleek and sturdy and the plastic see through top makes it easier to locate different colours in my stash.

Quite like it's name the company has has put up and array of 18 different shades to match different skin tones and am sure you will find your perfect match.

In the pic below I've use this with Fit Me Concealer in the same shade 250, Sun Beige. The best part is you get the concealer, foundation and press powder in the same shades so one dosent have to hunt for shades that match, makes life easier ;)

Lotsa Love
Priya :)

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